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la ciudad, la gente y yo (the city, the people and me)


Live Performance with sound elements at No Lugar, Quito, Ecuador on 22nd November 2023 

All month of May 2023 I was occupied with a new interdisciplinary project at Pedvale Art Park in Sabile, Latvia. I work in performance, video performance, sound, video and land art. This project is a bit different from most previous projects as there was no collaboration with other artists, art students or a community. Overall, the project's focus was heavily on live performances and video performance testing. A social sculpture workshop was also held.

I created a very site specific live performance called "Stones" in which the land art object became an important integral part. But at the same time, the live performances and video performances also contained some autobiographical elements.

No workshop is like the other and that also applies to this one. The small group of participants was very creative and engaging and often completed many of the different exercise steps automatically and without any instructions beforehand.

The project is founded by the European Union and implemented by the Goethe-Institut through the CULTURE MOVES EUROPE grant scheme

At Pedvale Art Park

Live Performance "Stones" 26 May 2023

Social Sculpture Workshop 26 May 2026 at Pedvale Art Park