Hybrid Performance

Hybrid Works. In recent years, my collaborations with other artists in particular have developed into hybrid and interdisciplinary projects. In addition to the live performances and video performances, elements of modern dance, music, sound and theater are also included. These are cross-border projects in which the various elements and art disciplines flow into one another. In addition to the live performances, audiovisual works were created which including dance, sound, art, experimental and documentary segments.

In 2014 I began to experiment with video performance which lead to a continuous series of pieces until today. In 2020 for the first time I work together with a musican, the cellist Ulrich Thiem from Dresden, Germany for the live performance "Verbunden"

In 2021 I collaborated in Kathmandu, Nepal  with sound  artist Adam Tickle from the US for a live performance and with  flautist Mrs. Yajoo Acharya (Bhaktapur, Nepal) I created STOP LOOK GO.

In January 2022 I participated in the sound project Acustic Interiors curated and organzied by the sound artist Anne Wellmer . The project took place in The Hague, Netherlands. The participation gave me a turn around and leading me into the direction to created and perform performance were my own composed sound art is a inseparable part of performance