Between 31 October until 30 November 2021 I was attached to Kathmandu, Nepal. During my stay I stayed at SPACE A Art Trust in central Kathmandu. Within the time frame I created and implemented  in total four projects combined under the working title STOP LOOK GO. The projects included two interdisciplinary collaboration projects , one Social Sculpture Workshop and one artist talk.


Curator was Neda Haffari from SPACE A Art Trust. The project was supported by Stroom, The Hague, Netherlands.  


STOP LOOK GO. In collaboration with the flautist Mrs. Yajoo Acharya (Bhaktapur, Nepal). The work combines music, video and performance. The theme of the work relates to the city of Kathmandu and its social and urban environment. The city is reflected and interpreted through metaphorical images, improvised performance and flute music. The live premiere took place on November 21, 2021 at the renowned Mandala Theatre in Kathmandu, Nepal. There will also be an edited art and performance video version.

Yajoo Acharya is a young female flute player from Bhaktapur which is 13 km away from Kathmandu . Her instrument is the traditional flute. She studied at the DEPARTMENT OF PERFORMING ARTS AND MUSIC OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALCUTTA, India

She interpreted and accompanied the images and live performance with a very personal and improvised flute play.

STOP LOOK GO was the main part of my multi-part art project of the same title in Kathmandu, Nepal.



Live Performance Connected - Not Connected 

A selection of  images from my performance Connected - Not Connected at Bikalpa Art Center, Latipur, Kathmandu, Nepal from 9th of November 2021. It was a revised version of my previous performance Connected - Not Connected with some new elements added . At the same time the performance was a spontaneous collaboration work with musician and sound artist Adam Tinkle (USA) who accompanied the performance with his clarinet.

Social Sculpture Workshop Unfolding - Unwrapped

Part three of my project STOP LOOK GO was my "Unfolding-Unwrapped", social sculpture; performance workshop, performed at the Nepal Academy of Fine Art (NAFA) , Kathmandu on 15th November 2021


Aasha Simkhada, Akriti Simkhada, Binita Rai, Bipana Pathak, Kiran Shrestha ,Namuna Maharjan, Rajaki Aryal , Sabin Khanal.

Supported by Nepal Academy of Fine Art (NAFA), Kathmandu

Artist Talk, Video presentation

A presentation and an artist talk for the graduating students of the School of Arts / Department of Art and Design of Kathmandu University at the Nepal Art Council