ԵՐԵՒԱՆԸ` ՄԱՐՏԻՆ - Yerevan in March - Eriwan im März

Collaboration and Multimedia performance Yerevan in March. Goethe Institut in Yerevan, 28 März 2018

A video version of the life performance part of my interdisciplinary and intercultural project ԵՐԵՒԱՆԸ` ՄԱՐՏԻՆ - Eriwan im März . Performed by five students from the Institute of Theater and Cinematography (ITC) in Yerevan at the Goethe Zentrum (Goethe Institut) in Yerevan on 28th of March 2018.The content of the project refers to the urban matters and social environment of the city, which are interpreted and reflected metaphorically, offering a (re)cognizable combination of signifiers with a particular signified. The project consists of a live performance, a video, and a series of photographs.


The preforming students were given full freedom to perform and ‘play’ with signifiers, while the artist excluded the idea of the predominance of one medium (a six-part video work) over another (freely interpreted) performative ‘narration.’

Rehersal for Live Performance YEREVAN IM MÄRZ