Images from different workshops in Tainan and Taipei, Taiwan and Berlin, Germany 

LAND ART : Developing and realization of an idea based on improvising and experiment with the environment and objects. Using raw and used/waste material. By spending the time making Land Art you will use your imagination, be creative, get some fresh air and learn all about environment, natural places and recycle/reusing processes 

To make invisible borders, space visible, connect, how things can be related. The relationship, the tides and connections within nature and between man and nature. Where does the environment affect the object and where does it affect the object? On the basis of improvisation and experimentation with objects and materials in the environment, a Land Art installation is developed and implemented.

Through a short verbal and visual introduction, the participants are given an idea of the term Land Art. As a result, they begin with small exercises to deal with different material. Thus prepared, they explore their surroundings in two groups and embark on a search for material. An idea for a Land Art object arises in doing in the group, is revised, discarded again, changes constantly, until it finds its form.

All natural and waste materials encountered by the participants are used. By this way, they learn a lot about their environment, recycling and re-use processes.