UNFOLDING - UNWRAPPED - as Social Sculpture  workshop 

Images/video workshops from workshops in St. Petersburg and Limassol, Cyprus. Images J. Gerard and Olga Yegorova 

The principles and concepts of Social Sculpture don´t change and stay the same as in the performance variant. The difference is here that the performance starts a workshop with enrolled participants . During the workshops there will be a workout of the different stages and sequences of the four main axes on which Social Sculpture is based. Creativity draws a line between a passive and an active agenda in people's lives. Creativity starts with questions. This process of discovery is both extraordinarily broad and incredibly relevant to generating strong contextual work and social behavior; regardless of whether we engage socially. Against this background, the sequences of the workshop / performance focus on the behavior of people in a group and an individual. The workshop sometimes confronts the participants and the audience in real, sometimes metaphorically with the situations of the confrontation situation - on their own - against each other. However, the red line of sequences also leads to finding a way to collaborate and create a democratic process. 

Social Sculpture Workshop Unfolding-Unwrapped in the German langauge lessons.  Goethe-Zentrum, Yerevan, Armenia, March 2018

Social Sculpture Workshop Unfolding-Unwrappred in the Classroom

After a talk with the head of the langauge department and two teachers of the Goethe Zentrum in Yervan, I tried something new. The workshop became part of German langauge lessons. I adopted a shorter version in German of Unfolded-Unwrapped for to intregrate into the class room sessions. The experiment was carried out with three different groups of students. However it was not only for to conduct the workshop, but also for to explain more about the concept of Social Sculpture. That the term was first invented by Joseph Beuys and his ideas behind it. After the workshop the students discussed in German how they saw the workshop and concept. Finally for the students it was a complet new and different approached towards their use of langauge abiltities. As well to widen their knowledge about German culture from a different angle.