Selection of conducted Performances / Workshops / Lectures 2019 – 2010


 2019

20th OPEN international Performance Festival, Hannover, Germany

Conecta-No Conecta. Collaboration video performance, The Lab program, Mexico City. In collaboration with performance artists Fred Castro (MX), Fey Montalvo( MX) and Hanna Doucet (FR), Mexico City, Mexico

V ENAPE, Performance Festival, Pachua, Mexico

Reflection an interdisciplinary performance with includes Land-Art installation and observer participation in conjunction with the ,Montanha Pico Festial, PEDERARTE, Pico Island, Azores, Portugal.

ARé Performing Arts Festvial Performance and Workshop for children with autism and children from the SOS Kinderdorf, Yerevan, Armenia


A Afternoon of Performance, White Theater, Bristol, UK   

 2018 

Yerevan in March Project, conducted with students of the Theater and Cinamathographic Instiute of                          Yerevan, Armenia.

Unfolding-Unwrapped in the classroom, Goethe Institute, Yerevan, Armenia 

IMAF 2018 International Multimedia-Festival,Hotel Sloboda, Odzaci, & SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia

4th Festial of Naked Forms / 4.Festival nahých forem /FNAF Kasárna Karlín a Karlín Studios, Prague 8-Karlín, CZ

Art Festival Kunstraum/Art Space (Alte Bürger/Old Citizens), Bremerhaven, Germany

Eye´s Walk Festival, Ermoupolis/Ano Syros, Syros Island, Greece

Naked State Project , Bare Oaks, Ontario, Canada 

Lecture In-vision Festival, LightHouse Cinema, Dublin, Ireland, Participant panel discussion

 2017 

Premier Unfolding - Unwrapped at Museum of Nonconformist Art, St.Petersburg, Russia 

Unfolding - Unwrapped ,  Respublika! in conjunction with NeMe,  series of workshops & performances,                      Limassol and Nicosia, Cyprus.         

Unfolding - Unwrapped, STARTAS Festival, workshops & performance Roskiskis Culture Center, Rokisis,                      Lithuania

Unfolding -Unwrapped conjunction with WTAR Water Tower Art Festival & State Culture Institute „ISKUR“,                Dzurba, Sofia, Bulgaria

Indo-German Art Forum, Arts Acre, Kolkata, India

Lecture series about Art in Public Space, University of Karachi, Iris University, School of Art and Karachi                      Grammar School, all located in  Karachi, Pakistan

 2016

Anticipating You Project, Collaboration with theater group DFT Stage  Art Center, Pushkinskya-10,                              St.Petersburg, Russia

We see heaven upside down, Villa Novilla, Berlin, Germany

Kunst am Spreeknie, Performance with Wibke Kahn, Berlin, Germany 

Hier und Jetzt - school project in collaboration with Denise Dröge, Berlin, Germany

 2015

6to FIVAC, Camagüey, Cuba,

Floating Worlds Project Collaboration with Tai Hsin-Ying 435 ArtStudio, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Land Art workshop and lectures  at 435ArtStudio, New Taipei City, Taiwan 

Sultan Art Camp, Narail / Dhaka, Bangaladesh

 2014 

Project Silent Crossing Boundaries,  Collaboration with Tsai Hsin-Ying and Kao Yu-I  Tainan City, Taiwan -

Land Art Workshops series for Elemtary School,  Soulangh Culture Park , Tainan, Taiwan

 2013

Sarajevo Winter Festival , Sarajevo, BH

 2012

Chinese Art Academy, Hangzhou, PRC China 

 Art/Terre, Comines, Belgien 

IMMAF, France Institute and New Zero Art Space,Yangon, Myanmar 

 2011

Stoff 2011, Kunsthuset, Stockholm, Sweden 

DC Patel School of Architecture & Interior Design , Vidyanagar, Indien 

S.T.I.V. College, Dep. Of Architecture, Vasna, Indien 

Chhaap , Vadodara , Indien 

Galerie Zimmer 16, Berlin, Germany 

 2010

Takt, Kunstprojektraum, Berlin, Germany


Teaching Experience

 1981-1982 Sallynogging Elemtary School, Dublin, Ireland,

 1991-1995 Taipei Community Centre, Taipei, Taiwan

 1999-2007 Neverland, Stichting Triodus,The Hague, The Netherlands

 2008-2010 Jenaplan School, The Hague, The Netherlands