UNFOLDING -UNWRAPPED - as solo performance with audience participation 

Respublika!, Nicosia, Cyprus,  11 & 13 September 2017

This performance variant was first used during the Respublika! executed in Nicosia. Unlike the collaboration and groep variations the plot was more spontaneous and improvised. In this variant, I became the main character for the participating audience.

Unfolding-Unwrapped as collaboration performance  

Eyes Walk Digital Festival ,  27,28,29 Juli 2018,  Ermoupolis / Ano Syros, Insel Syros, Griechenland -

Images from the performance Unfolding-Unwrapped. I conducted the performance with my two assistants Marialena Tsantila [with the red pants] and Agni Frerion 28th of July 2018 on Kamara Square, Ano Syros, Greece in conjunction with the Eyes Walk Festival

We performed twice that evening  Unfolding-Unwrapped.

 But just like all previous performances , the performance is never the same, even the concept and principles stay the same. Each time differenent interpretations by the participants and adapted to the local environment 

Unfolding-Unwrapped as Group Performance 

With students from the Art and Music School of Roskiskis, Lithuania at the municipal culture center , September 2017