Performance - Interactive

These are performances were the audience will be participating during the performance. Normally the audience will be taken by surprised and not be notify beforehand. Most of the participate performances are contucted under the title  Connected - Not Connected and Unfolding-Unwrapped both following a basic concept. Nevertheless none of these live performance will be excatly the same. Most of the time a small installation made by chairs, rope, blankets and surrounding objects will be intergrated into the performance piece. Both performances are suitable for in and outdoor and can be performed dressed or in nude 

Both performances were until now performed :


20th Open International Performing Art Festival,  Hannover, Germany

V ENAPE, Foro 330, Pachuca, Mexico 

The Lab Program, Intruction Evening, Mexico City, Mexico 

ARé Performing Arts Festival ACCEA/ NPAK Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art , Yerevan, Armenia.

REVERSED Performance Afternoon at White Theater, Department of Theater, Bristol University, Bristol, UK

Reflections -Performance Part Montanha Pico Festival - "PEDRARTE" MiratecArts Galeria Costa, Pico Island, Miratec Village, Azores, Portugal


Art Festival Kunstraum/Art Space (Alte Bürger/Old Citizens) 22-23 September 2018 

Bürgermeister Smidstrasse between house numbers 133-163 and 190-212  , Bremerhaven, Germany  

International Multimedia-Festival Hotel Sloboda, Odzaci and SULUV Galerie, Novi Sad, Serbia

4th Festial of Naked Forms / 4.Festival nahých forem /FNAF Kasárna Karlín a Karlín Studios, Prague, CZ


Respublika! Art Festival, Limassol and Nicosia, Cyprus