Performance - Collaboration

Since 2014 I conducted several performance collaboration projects with artists and partcipants in Taiwan, Russia, Armenia Germany, The Netherlands, Greece and Mexico. Part of the collabaration projects were partly based on the concepts of the Performance Workshop Unfolding-Unwrapped and the Connceted-Not Connected performance series. Others were specialy developed and create  performances for a theme with the focus on the location. All collaboration performances are interdisiplinary with an intercultural concept.  

Collaboration performances were conducted :


Conecta-no conceta , The Lab Program, Mexico City,  Mexico 


koud slova project, Utrecht, Netherlands

Yerevan in March, ASCL and Goethe Insitute, Yerevan, Armenia 

Eye's Walk Festival, Syros, Greece


Anticipating You project, SPAR, St. Petersburg, Russia

Naked State project, Berlin, Germany 


Floating World Project, 435 ArtStudio, New Taiwan City, Taiwan 


Silent Crossing Boundaries, Tainan City, Taiwan