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Aktionsraum 2 (action room 2),  Kunstverein Ebersberg

Performance Ablösen (peel off) with Tanja Wilking (Rodinmuse)

Performance Isolate (Isoliert) 

Photos Performances Peter Kees

Aktionsraum 2 at art association Ebersberger Kunstverein 

25th of September (opening) - 4th of October 2020

Galerie “Alte Brennerei” im Klosterbauhof 6,  85560 Ebersberg (near Munich) Bavaria, Germany

Curator Peter Kees


On the 2nd and 3rd of October 2020 I conducted two performances “Ablösen” and “Isoliert”

“Ablösen” was conducted in collaboration with Tanja Wilking (Rodinmuse), Munich and is a revised version of my live and video performance "peel off"

The work deals with a couple and one onion. A metaphor about relationships, communication and internal strife

“Isoliert” (isolate) is a solo performance and deals with the subjects of distance, isolation, body. In the context of our environments that we create or in which we live.


At the opening evening on 25th September there was a video program. Three video works of mine were screened. "Whither goest thou “, “koud slova” and “conecta – no conecta”

My project was supported by Stroom, The Hague, NL 

kodekü - Collision of the Arts 

Kodekü - (Kollision der Künste) - Collision of the Arts, Bischofswerda, Germany , 03.09.-13.09.20

I was taking part in this 10-day art project in which artists from various disciplines and international origins come together, live and work in

There is currently a lot of discussion about how it is possible to revitalize rural regions. An important point here is the question of how the creative scene can be drawn into the small town and networked with one another. In order to counteract the politically precarious situation in the east of Saxony, Germany the cultural revitalization of small cities is an essential concern. This is exactly where our project starts. Between 03.09.2020 and 13.09.2020 I created and conducted two side specific performances. The first one was a variation of >isolate< at the KAS, Altes Kino. Followed by the performance >connected-not connected< performance at Schillerpark on 13th of September 2020. This performance was in collaboration with cellist Ulrich Thiem (Dresden) who accompanied the performance with his cello. Also in this performance I integrated the Land Art installation >Tor< (Gate) which I created in the Schillerpark. The performance became a multidisciplinary and collaboration work , combining performance, music and installation in one piece. Furthermore I gave a performance workshop on 10.09.20 at KAS for school children. 

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2020 

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2020   -   29th of August 2020 – 30th November 2020

Yeonmisan Nature Art Park, Geumgang International Nature Art Center

98 Yeonmisan Gogae-gil, Wooseong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea


A one minute version of my performance video COCOON was selected for the section video art


Through various forms of nature art, the Geumgang Nature Art Biennale aims to look for the aesthetics of human and nature's harmonizing coexistence call for work pieces for the Nature Art Video Exhibition. This Nature Art Video Exhibition as a special exhibition of the biennale will take place along with the main exhibition, ‘Neomixed Era’.


SHIFT_IBPCPA : 26/08/2020_21:00-22:00 (UK time) 22:00-23:00 (Central European Time) 



The first [SHIFT:ibpcpa] Biennale takes place at the nomadic Wall Space Gallery in an innovative and fully livestreamed mode on Periscope @SHIFT_ibpcpa. Intermedia artist, Ayshia Taskin, curates the Biennale show for [Place/Space/Meaning] and brings together an extraordinary array of twenty international performance artists working with unique collaborative and participatory styles from dance to Bio Art. [SHIFT:ibpcpa] focuses on fine-art performance with participatory and collaborative elements and invites the participating artists, and viewers, to question what is collaboration and participation in performance art? Do participation and collaboration only exist when human-centric or can the practices include other living creatures or even inanimate objects? How does place and space add meaning to the experience? How will collaborative and participatory art practices change now that there is a global pandemic requiring people to keep a social distance? Will there be such a thing as spatial memories soon? How will the lockdown affect what space and place can be? How will human interaction alter in this new reality?


Made in Mind 

My short video performance BLACK is part of MADE IN MIND, 20.07.2020, Mcube Gallery,  Kathmandu, Nepal.

About my video BLACK A short metaphoric piece. It’s about death, isolation and the separation from life. As well a metaphor about the virus crisis situation nowadays humans and world is struggling with. How vulnerable we are and how related is everything between humans and their social and natural environments. To use the epitaph of the Irish poet William Butler Yeats "Cast a cold eye On life, on death. Horseman, pass by! ". More is not to say.



My video work "isolate" is part of Seven Memorials for Humanity, which was curated specifically for TAM by Wilfried Agricola De Cologne. “isolate:” is presented in the first program in the series Corona! – Shut Down? from 18th July to 24th 2020. It is a presentation of videos that address our current Corona situation. The variety of the international works goes from thoughtful, melancholic, from contemplative and complex

OMVA 2020 One Minute Video Art 

My video performance  BLACK is included at

OMVA 2020 One Minute Video Art by Artpro – art initiative

15.06.2020 – 30.06.2020, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The video exhibition wishes to raise questions on how the lockdown is being perceived and how has Covid-19 affected life, not only for humans but for the whole planet. The pandemic has restricted people’s freedoms and forced strict social distancing rules around the globe and has highlighted many issues that have long gone ignored. People and countries in the most precarious positions have been the first to suffer from these restrictions and ongoing socio-economic inequalities are at the heart of this issue.


QuAr(T)antine organized by Performancekokkenet (Copenhagen, Denmark) 

During the last few days, the situation with the Covid-19 has been escalating to limits that we haven't experienced in our lives. 

In order to motivate each other to keep creating art, Performance Køkkenet invited artist around the world to participate in : QuAr(T)antine.

The artist are asks to create a performance at home and recording it on video. Only works from 2020 were  accepted. My video performance BLACK with Alena Chernova had its premier on 5th of April at 18.00 h. Link :