Performance - Solo



I Can Not See

An improvised live stream performance for the SHIFT_IBPCPA  Biennial, 26th of August 2020, Curator Ayshia Taskin. It's about the obstacles to see and to understand the world. But it goes as well over to move, to leave. However as most of my work someone might see two interpretations. The first the obstacles a person will encounter to see and to move freely.  The feeling there must more than some ones own world. The wish to carry on. The second interpretation is complete contradictable , the opposite, no willing to see the world, to be ignorant and turning away from other worlds. 

SHIFT_IBPCPA : 26/08/2020_21:00-22:00 (UK time) 22:00-23:00 (Central European Time) 



The first [SHIFT:ibpcpa] Biennale took place at the nomadic Wall Space Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland in an innovative and fully livestreamed mode on Periscope @SHIFT_ibpcpa. Intermedia artist, Ayshia Taskin, curates the Biennale show for [Place/Space/Meaning] and brings together an extraordinary array of twenty international performance artists working with unique collaborative and participatory styles from dance to Bio Art. [SHIFT:ibpcpa] focuses on fine-art performance with participatory and collaborative elements and invites the participating artists, and viewers, to question what is collaboration and participation in performance art? Do participation and collaboration only exist when human-centric or can the practices include other living creatures or even inanimate objects? How does place and space add meaning to the experience? How will collaborative and participatory art practices change now that there is a global pandemic requiring people to keep a social distance? Will there be such a thing as spatial memories soon? How will the lockdown affect what space and place can be? How will human interaction alter in this new reality?


Images from video version of the conecta-no conecta" performance