There are several solo performances within the oeuvre without any collaboration or any interaction with the audience. They are relatively short between 1 and 3 min. 

Dealing with the subjects of distancing, isolation, body and environment. The social, urban and nature environments we create or live in. Social distancing has a wide range and it was always there. However in the context of the Corona Crisis humanity became more conscious about it 


HANDS UP ! is not a performance but belonged to a documentation exhibition at, BLUNK Gallery in Trondheim, Norwegen, 2019

Diana Lindbjerg curated a broad collection of doers and small statements on this in a physical exhibition in the BLUNK gallery and in an online catalog. This is accompanied by a text that deals with the meaning of hands in works of art from different perspectives. My contribution to the project focuses on my performance Connect-Not Connected. Photo: Ileana Gherghina