Performance - Collaboration

Aktionsraum 2 (action room 2),  Kunstverein Ebersberg,  Eberberg, Bavaria, Germany 

Curator Peter Kees 

On the 2nd and 3rd of October 2020 I conducted two performances “Ablösen” and “Isoliert”

“Ablösen” was conducted in collaboration with Tanja Wilking (Rodinmuse), Munich and is a revised version of my live and video performance "peel off"

The work deals with a couple and one onion. A metaphor about relationships, communication and internal strife

“Isoliert” (isolate) is a solo performance and deals with the subjects of distance, isolation, body. In the context of our environments that we create or in which we live.



Performance Ablösen (peel off) with Tanja Wilking (Rodinmuse)

Beside "Ablösen/peel off" I conducted also my solo performance "Isolate" Futhermore three video performances works of mine were screened during the exhibition days. "Whither goest thou “, “koud slova” and “conecta – no conecta”

Aktionsraum 2 at art association Ebersberger Kunstverein 

25th of September (opening) - 4th of October 2020

Galerie “Alte Brennerei” im Klosterbauhof 6,  85560 Ebersberg (near Munich) Bavaria, Germany

Curator Peter Kees

My project was supported by Stroom, The Hague, NL 


Performance Isolate (Isoliert) 

Photos : Performances Peter Kees / Video : Sung Hsiu-Chi